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ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop Announces 12 Participants

I'm a bit behind the 8-ball here. On June 29th, ASCAP announced the 12 composer participants that will get the opportunity to take part in a 4-week program led by Emmy winner Richard Bellis. The twelve composers from all around the world were selected from a pool of over 300 applicants.

The workshop, entering its 29th year, is produced by ASCAP executives Michael Todd and Jennifer

The twelve participants are as follows:

  1. Bronson Buskett (California)

  2. Tyler Durham (Missouri)

  3. Bernhard Eder (Austria)

  4. Riley Hughes (California)

  5. Ana Kasrahvili (Georgia)

  6. Jonathan Keith (California)

  7. Levente Kovacs (Austria)

  8. Alexander Lecluyse (France)

  9. Antoni Mairata March (Spain)

  10. Nolan Markey (California)

  11. Drew Mikuska (California)

  12. Megumi Sasano (California/Japan)

photocredit: Jon Pham MUA: Saori Yazaki and Denys Servin Hair: Mia Johnson

It should be worth noting that Drew and I worked together on the Emmy-nominated TV-series, "CON", written and produced by the ever-amazing Amy Suto. His music is fantastic. He is one of the most deserving composers of this opportunity. It is my privilege to call him a friend and colleague.

If you want to read more about "CON", visit the website here.

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