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"Bill is a wonderful and talented individual! He is talented in music, writing, and is an overall positive person in life. He has helped out on a writing project I had and was always mindful of my deadlines, and responded immediately. I would recommend him as a writer, musician, an overall great person to surround yourself with. I wish him every success in life."

~ Tina P. Schwartz, Author and Literary Agent (+Founder) at The Purcell Agency, LLC

"Bill scored three of my films, and his scores are beautiful and perfectly fit the story of the film. He matches the score to fit the plot and hit points, and I've gotten great feedback from my fellow classmates here at USC on how well the score complimented the film itself. He was always willing to do extra versions based on feedback, and helped me reach my impossible deadlines. If you need a composer, Bill is a great choice!"

 ~ Amy Suto, Writer and Showrunner

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