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The Wellerman

The Wellerman is a (now famous) sea shanty that - as many of you know - has been making the rounds on TikTok. The song references ships owned by the Weller brothers, a family of British whalers who emigrated to New Zealand. The ships, or Wellerman's as they came to be known, would sell provisions to the whaling ships in the area. The crew after a long day's work craves for the sight of a Wellerman so that it might provide a brief respite from the rigors of whaling life...


This challenging yet powerful brass arrangement gives each instrument part a chance to shine in the brass family and will make a fine edition to your repertoire.


Grade: 3

Length: 2 minutes

The Wellerman

  • You MAY

    • You may perform this piece in a concert setting.
    • You may upload an archival recording of your ensemble's performance to YouTube/Vimeo.
    • You may charge for a live performance of this piece.
    • You may perform this piece year after year without the need to purchase it again.
    • You may make a reasonable number copies as necessary for rehearsal within your ensemble.

    You MAY NOT

    • You may NOT re-sell this piece.
    • You may NOT distribute the score or parts to other ensembles.
    • You may NOT re-arrange, re-orchestrate, or otherwise alter the overall musical structure of this piece without first securing permission.

    By purchasing this piece, you agree to the above terms.

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